Holdtite - Perfect Liquid Sealant, Mumbai, India
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Holdtite - Perfect Liquid Sealant

Holdtite - Perfect Liquid Sealant

• Shellac based compound
• Good resistance to corrosion
• Conforms to IS: 3447
• Excellent corrosion resistance

Application Areas

Suitable for pipe and socket joints which are having exposure to hot and cold water and other industrial piping, It is also used as gasket dressing sealant in flange Joints and protecting of foundation nuts & bolts, against rusting and jamming.

Technical Parameters
Appearance Black viscous liquid
Specific gravity 1.25 -1.45
Hydrostatic pressure (Leak Test) 20 (minimum) kg/cm2
Temperature Resistance (-20) to 1200C
Curing system Air Drying
Coverage (Nos of Joints) on size
(1/2" diameter metal pipe)
30 to 35 Nos

Available In : 50 g, 100 g, 200 g, 500 g & 1 kg




General Industrial Pipe Jointing

Gasket Dressing

Protection against Rust and Vibration

To join threaded pipe for transporting water, steams and various industrial chemicals

To prevent leakge in flange Joints

To prevent rusting and loosening of foundation nut-bolt


Insulating Materials